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EcoNet collaborates with community groups, Iwi, councils and national bodies to accelerate conservation outcomes.

EcoNet is a charitable trust which leads innovation in data standards and access to fit-for-purpose software for conservation by developing CAMS: Conservation Activities Management System.

Tens of thousands of participants drive conservation in Aotearoa – volunteers, coordinators, managers, contractors, council staff, iwi and hapu. Too many do not have software designed to handle the complex range of management, communications, planning, recording and reporting needed.


Supporting funders

Regional Environment and Natural Heritage Fund 2019-2020.


Our Projects

Fit-for-purpose software resources to help your group thrive. We are working to radically improve the systems and processes currently holding back community conservation organisations.

Conservation Activity Management System "CAMS"

Conservation participants waste up to 33% of their time struggling with inadequate, old fashioned, not fit for purpose software or no software at all. That means $16,000,000 a year or 800,000 hours of practical work are lost, putting ambitions like a predator free Aotearoa at risk. Volunteers get disheartened and routine admin tasks are a burden.

Data Standards for Conservation

How do you track your bait uptake? In blocks? In grams? And how do you record your trap catches? As rattus rattus? As mature female Norway rat? 10 different descriptions of the same rat trap are used by various groups! Why capture data, how can it be retrieved? Without a data standard it is extremely hard for researchers to do any analysis of ‘best practice

What are the issues?

Researcher or Teacher

I want to search, filter, download, compare, collate and analyse pest data. Having all the information from across the country collected and presented in a consistent, structured and time & geo-referenced manner would assist.


I want to understand how to help, report a pest sighting or organise bait delivery.

Parks Officer

I have two restoration groups working near each other using different tools and I cannot see their data and they cannot compare progress.


Our information is in various XL spreadsheets! It’s so time consuming to analyse data in formats that I can use in reports and share with others.

How can you help?

Be a sponsoring partner

EcoNet is a volunteer based registered charity. We need committed strategic partners. We will help your engagement with a huge number of people all over Aotearoa, and the brand value of enabling a game changer for conservation.

Donate your time

We’re working for the coordinators and managers of groups working in the conservation space. Able to give us a hand?

Support what we are doing and keep in touch

Join the many community conservation groups that have expressed their support.


You can direct credit our account at 389022 0163872 00. Any donation over $5 is tax-deductible.

News & Events

CAMS CRM ready to pilot

CAMS CRM, built in the robust secure Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment is moving from test phase to piloting with EcoNet and Pest Free Kaipatiki in

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First staffer for EcoNet

We are pleased to announce that we have contracted Leigh Featherstone as our general manager. Leigh has experience in sales, branding, marketing and business development

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