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Aotearoa New Zealand has many conservation ambitions – to be predator free by 2050, to improve weed management, increase native planting, catchment management to restore our waterways, to ensure biosecurity and manage biodiversity. 

This will require millions of hours of work by actively engaged volunteers, local groups, iwi, organisations, councils and government. It is more than an in-field activity challenge, it is also an information management and social engagement challenge.



Pest Free Kaipatiki Restoration Society Pilot Client
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What are the issues?

Researcher or Teacher

I want to search, filter, download, compare, collate and analyse pest data. Having all the information from across the country collected and presented in a consistent, structured and time & geo-referenced manner would assist.


I want to understand how to help, report a pest sighting or organise bait delivery.

Parks Officer

I have two restoration groups working near each other using different tools and I cannot see their data and they cannot compare progress.


Our information is in various XL spreadsheets! It’s so time consuming to analyse data in formats that I can use in reports and share with others.

How can you help?

Be a sponsoring partner

EcoNet is a registered charity. We need committed strategic partners. If you or your business can support us to implement our vision please contact us

Donate your time

Join our team of committed conservation IT volunteers - We have volunteer roles in - weed app coordinator, Marketing, Data Standards, ArcGIS, Microsoft Dynamics, Click Dimensions

Support what we are doing

Join the many community conservation groups that have expressed their support.

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Donate via the panel on right or direct credit our account at 38 9022 0163872 00 and email us for a receipt. All donations over $5 are tax-deductible.