About Us

What we do

EcoNet collaborates with community groups, Iwi, councils and national bodies to accelerate conservation outcomes.

EcoNet leads innovation in data standards and access to fit-for-purpose software for conservation.

Tens of thousands of participants drive conservation in Aotearoa – volunteers, coordinators, managers, contractors, council staff, iwi and hapu.

Too many do not have software designed to handle the complex range of management, communications, planning, recording and reporting needed.



Mātauranga Māori


Te Ao Māori is totally relevant to the way we should approach conservation today.

It embodies our inherent connections to the ecosystem and the living species we share the land and sea with.

We are working to improve our understanding and these resources have been a good start to our journey.

Become a Volunteer

We have volunteer roles for people with skills in data standards, data commons, database design and administration, software systems, design and development, stakeholder engagement, social media, fundraising and advocacy. We would love you to get in touch especially if you have the skills to help out.