What we do

Our Strategic Plan

We have a bold strategic plan which requires funding and expert input. Read the plan here.

A Conservation Group Management System

We are working on system requirements and processes for a comprehensive linked management system for community groups. Read more

Conservation Group tools - Software resources to help your group thrive

We are working on systems and processes which are currently being used in a piecemeal (and often effective) way in community conservation organisations. This is a work in progress. If you would like to contribute or collaborate please contact us. Read more.

Meaningful Data - Data Standards

In order to work together we need data to be standardised and comparable. One of our advisory board members, Olivia Rothwell is working with Predator Free 2050 Ltd on conservation data standards. Read more.

Pooling Data for Effectiveness - Data Commons

A data commons is a key plank of the NZ Biodiversity Strategy. Econet intends to be a key player in the development of a data commons for NZ. We have done some work on what a data commons might do. Read more.

A voice for community groups

Econet is a voice for community conservation groups in the conservation sector. We ensure the community sector is not forgotten when systems are being designed or implemented.