This resource from Audubon is not so much about I.T. as process. But I.T. is not much use without good processes. Read More

Legal Structures

There is a limit to how far a conservation group can go without being umbrellared by, or forming, a legal entity. This can be a company (for profit or not), a trust or an incorporated society. Here are some sample constitutions which may be useful. More can be found on the Charities Commission website.

EcoNet trust deed

Pest Free Kaipatiki Restoration Society Rules

Communication Tools

Communication Tools – if you would like to collaborate here please contact us.

Facebook: for some groups this is all they use. Facebook pages have limited reach – ie not all members get your posts due to Facebook algorithms. If you have a Facebook group members will get your posts but groups have less reach. We welcome your tips on using Facebook effectively.

Mailchimp: is free for one Audience of up to 2000 members. You can set up an online sign up form which saves a lot of admin as volunteers come and go. The forms are flexible and allow tags for various interest groups eg week day workers or weekend volunteers. The Audience can then be segmented by tag to direct your emails. Example of sign up forms can be viewed here. We welcome your tips on using Mailchimp.

Excel spreadsheets: Often this is all a group uses to store its volunteers. This is a work in progress – if you have tips please share them with us..

Predator Control and Recording Tools

While EcoNet is very interested in these tools from a data and useability point of view, the best information for users on current tools is on the Predator Free NZ website